Burnt Island.

Alice Thompson – Burnt Island (224p, ebook/print) Inspired by a Facebook posting some time ago (from the much admired Liz Hand) I keep looking out for interesting female authors. And after discovering the great Lisa Tuttle and Sara Gran I found another brilliant writer – Alice Thompson, who once was part of british postpunks The Woodentops and currently resides in Edinburgh teaching creative writing. At the moment I read “Burnt Island”, which tells the story of disillusioned writer Max Long, who takes up a writing residency on a lonely island. Instead of writing the much needed bestseller he comes into contact with another famous but reclusive writer whom he suspects of being a fraud and from there on things slip completely out of hand: Long begins to question the reality of the residents on Burnt Island and in the end of his life as a whole. This novel reminds of Auster, Kafka, Shutter Island and the Films of David Lynch. It is an absolute fantastic book, I wish I could have a story from her for our literary journal Visionarium. But sadly Thompson only writes Novels. //order: (used) print or kindle//


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