A Love Letter to Maynard and Sims.

Since I seriously started to read horror fiction, Maynard & Sims have always been on my mind somehow. Years ago, my bookseller pointed me to the lovely paperbacks of their Department 18-Series and although I didn’t read them at that time I bought what was availible and let the covers inspire me countless times.

Now THAT is a cover! Absolutely love it.
Now THAT is a cover! Love it.

Maybe it was my favourite bookseller again, sometimes in a conversation, who hinted that “these guys really write fantastic ghost stories.”

My next session at Amazon brought the discovery that these two authors had written an enormous amount of short stories. Really enormous. So I ended up buying the newest collection called “Death’s Sweet Echo” and upon reading was so exited that I bought the Maynard Sims Library. All of it. Eight books choked full of ghost stories, oh my god! How cool is that?

The Maynard Sims Library looks good - even in my ebook reader.
The Maynard Sims Library looks good – even in my ebook reader.

I googled them and what can I say? These are really lovely lads. Both in retirement, writing, writing and writing, in a symbiotic way; more than 40 years they do this, which absolutely amazes me.

Hey, Len Maynard and Mick Sims. Thank you for still being here and writing all this wonderful weird fiction. You are some brave gentlemen doing what is their duty – feed the imagination of us always hungry readers with the good stuff.

1979 (left) and 2015 (right) - Two Gentlemen of Horror on a long Mission.
1979 (left) and 2015 (right) – Two Gentlemen of Horror on a long Mission.


Start by reading “Death’s Sweet Echo” as i did, you can buy it as ebook.

Department 18” is much better than the average ghost hunter stuff. The first case can be ordered here as print or ebook.

Here is a nice interview with Maynard & Sims on Simon Bestwick’s blog.


2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Maynard and Sims.

  1. Thanks, Doc. It was very kind of you to make such great comments. They are few and far between, believe me and when they come they are very much appreciated. While we still have breath in our lungs we’ll continue to write, until we reach a point where our arthritic fingers can no longer hit the keys and out failing eyesight make looking at the computer screen impossible. Until that day dawns we’ll carry on. We’re already halfway through the next collection of stories and we’re two and a half books into our Jack Callum crime series. There are also a few more novels in the pipeline for this year. Next year we might take a few days off.
    Thanks again. Feedback like this makes it all seem worthwhile.

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  2. You’re welcome Len! Thank YOU for replying on my little haven here 🙂 I am deeply lost into your stories at the moment and i have to say this is such an impressive body of work you created over all these years – real masters of your craft, that’s what you are… wish you much energy and strength for the upcoming work!


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