Doc Nachtstrom

B. 1967 in Graz, Austria

Has worked as nursing assistant in psychiatric and geriatric hospitals, cook, insurance agent (very unsucessful).

Was an electronic musician who released on the Viennese label Mego and composed music for various experimental films

Is currently working as a radio-host for Radio Soundportal and is co-hosting a heavy metal-show at Radio fm4.

Writes articles related to the darker side of pop culture for the Viennese print magazine Rokkos Adventures.

Founded Visionarium with his best buddy Bernhard in 2014 , a premier periodical magazine for fantastic fiction in German language.

Is a booklover. Owns more than 7000 books stored in his home library. Also a great nerd concerning electronic reading.

Loves working as a publisher and is constantly looking for new authors, novels and anthologies.

Loves reading in English. Loves this bookstore in Vienna madly where he buys all the good stuff whenever he’s in town.

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